Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Songs That Take You Back

We are putting together some tunes for the reunion. Post favorite song/artist that take you back to 1988-1992.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missing Persons List

I have been able to contact about half of our graduating class, but half are still missing!! Please help us find these people.

Jennie Anderson, Jennifer Brewer, Andy Crawmer,

Staci Cristo, Chris Davis, Amanda Deaton, Denise Dorado, Trish Elam,
Dorea Gilliatt, Shelly Griggs, Brad Grimes, Larry Houdashell,

Kay Kehrer, Robert Keyes, Rachel Knight, Mark Knowles, Paul Krocher, Niccole Lamonico, Tina Lunt, Todd Miller, Erica Nelson, Lori Nelson,
Katherine Olson, Mike Perez, Chris Pitcher, Matt Ratley,

Jeremy Joiner, Daniel Robinson, Lea Scialabba, Rich Sigsworth, Ty Slate
Jessica Stewart, Heidi Stone, Robert Walters, Becky Wells,

Cory Wenz, Lisette Wester, Chris Wheat, and Chris Gordans

If you have contact info for anyone on this list, please post on the blog or let me know or give them my email address and they can contact me.

Thanks for your help. Hope to see you all at the reunion on August 18th!

Mike and Amber Brennan

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cure for itchy butt. Air it out!

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark your calendar. We set a date! Our reunion will be at Twain Harte Golf Course Club House on Sat. August 18th. Hope this date works out for everyone. I will send out cost after I talk to them about dinner prices. We will do cocktails from 6-7 and then dinner at 7:00. If you have any pictures from back in the day that you would like to have included in a slide show e-mail them to me at!Hope to see you all there. Any ideas as long as they are PG rated are welcome????

Friday, February 23, 2007

The reason this blog was created is so that we could have an information posting for our upcoming class of 1992 reunion. We will be placing information here on a regular basis informing everyone of what is happening. Anonymous posting is fine and probably the easiest way to post. Please give us your feed back in order to make everything as smooth as possible. One other thing is if you are currently signed up with a news reader it would be a good idea to add this blog so that you can be updated regularly.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Summerville vs. Sonora 1992

Sonora High class of 1992 has requested that we try and combine our 15 year class reunion. I am kind of in the middle on the whole subject but would really like some input from everybody else. Please leave a comment as long or short as you would like.
The extravaganza will be held at Sonora Opera Hall if we do the joint venture. Looking at appetizers and drinks to make it simple.
Summerville 1992 solo will probably be at Twain Harte golf course with dinner maybe some local music and if left totally up to me a little golf.

Monday, February 19, 2007

From Generation to Generation

I have just made it back from Florida on my expedition to the GMAC convention. The convention was full of insight on several issues such as targeting the new generation of buyers such as generation X and Y. Personally being a generation Xer I found that several things talked about were way off target, yet informative. I believe in the older generations "seek to understand" my generation they have a long way to go. The reason for this is because my generations tends to shift direction every time our parents figure out what we are doing. The other reason is that we (gen X @ 45 million) have very small numbers compared to the boomers(79 million) ahead of us and the Yers(74 million) that are chasing our coat tails. Big void in the middle where I have found opportunities along with most of my generation that seem to be relatively easy to take advantage of.
Most of the wealth is in this country is held solidly in the boomers hands and soon to be handed down to their kids mostly Gen Y. Concern in Gen Y which I see as a local football coach and often wonder what or how to teach these kids coming of age. They are not willing to go out and take over the world single handily. They have grown up with there boomer parents holding there hand. Gently put they have grown up as "friends" of their parents. Good in some ways but the way I see it is that they are perfectly OK with getting the wealth of the country handed down to them.