Monday, February 19, 2007

From Generation to Generation

I have just made it back from Florida on my expedition to the GMAC convention. The convention was full of insight on several issues such as targeting the new generation of buyers such as generation X and Y. Personally being a generation Xer I found that several things talked about were way off target, yet informative. I believe in the older generations "seek to understand" my generation they have a long way to go. The reason for this is because my generations tends to shift direction every time our parents figure out what we are doing. The other reason is that we (gen X @ 45 million) have very small numbers compared to the boomers(79 million) ahead of us and the Yers(74 million) that are chasing our coat tails. Big void in the middle where I have found opportunities along with most of my generation that seem to be relatively easy to take advantage of.
Most of the wealth is in this country is held solidly in the boomers hands and soon to be handed down to their kids mostly Gen Y. Concern in Gen Y which I see as a local football coach and often wonder what or how to teach these kids coming of age. They are not willing to go out and take over the world single handily. They have grown up with there boomer parents holding there hand. Gently put they have grown up as "friends" of their parents. Good in some ways but the way I see it is that they are perfectly OK with getting the wealth of the country handed down to them.


Sugar Pine Realty said...

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Anonymous said...

First of all, what a touching speech. While the information was just that, informative, it lacked both substance and humility. And, as an educator, there are two points that I must "point out." "There" in the correct context, is spelled "their." Just thought I'd give you, as a high school football coach, some tips. Also, as a high school teacher, I must say that many high school students do have higher aspirations than holding mommy and daddy's hand, waiting for them to kick so that they can receive their fair share of their parent's hard-earned money. Also, I have met many Generation Yers who have worked their so-called "tails" off to go to college and break people like your's stereotypes.
Sadly, I have found too many people who have the same mindset as you, and why they are even connected to being a "role model" for high school students, or any students for that matter, is beyond me.
I also find it quite humorous that you are poking fun at those few in Gen X who live off the coattails of their parents/family members. I do recall that you were handed quite the position at GMAC. HMMMM?
I'm sure it had nothing to do with the familial ties and everything to do with your outstanding college education and go getter attitude. Keep up the strong work. I greatly appreciate your taking advantage of our great freedoms of speech.
Kudos to you:)

The Man said...

Thank you for your response, and your english lesson. It never was my subject. I am quite sure it was not my only error.

Happy to give you a chuckle at my employment with GMAC. However, I must mention that I did put myself through college. I have a BS in business finance and real estate as well as a CA Brokers License. While I might not be "humble", anyone who knows me, would describe me as a "go getter" indeed. And, anyone who knows my uncle knows he doesn't "hand" anybody anything.:)

I contribute what I can to the "family" business so that I can raise my children here in beautiful Tuolumne County. I think the desire to carry on a family business -VS- taking advantage of ones family are different.

Our opinions about the ambition of todays students aside,
I am glad to see that there are high school teachers like you out there who care about "their" students and are quick to defend them. I had teachers and coaches like that. They motivated me and helped me get to where I am today. This is why I coach. I care about my students and attempt to help them succeed in life just like you care about yours.
No offense intended to the kids, just rambling over coffee, trying to start a blog that people would comment on.... looks like I spiked some interest. So, thanks for your time and your comments. Keep it up with your students. Maybe they will end up better at English than I is.

Kathy said...

Wow--this is one of the most interesting posts so far! So, I thought I'd put in my two cents for what its worth.
I'm a BOOMER...and proud of it. Unfortunately, I am not one of the BOOMERS you mentioned in your post. One that will be able to hand down a pile of dough to my kids. Wish I could! In fact, I am closer to being poor as a church mouse than a Donald Trump.
Thanksfully, my children are all responsible young peope and have made their own way--not replying on their parents to spoon feed them through life. Nor have they replied on the system. They've all paid their way through college, married and own their own homes.
So, let's not assume all "Generations" are the same and have experienced the same fortunes or misfortunes throughout life. And, please, let's not label.

Kat DeLong

Kathy said...

OOPS--so sorry for the OOPS on my prior post...being passionate can cause mistakes. The REPLIED should have been relied...

replying should have been relying... having a blond senior moment. Still love to POST though.
Kat D

Brenda Ernst said...

Wow MAN, I am also a old BOOMER and proud of it. I guess I missed the boat somewhere. I was married at 19 and raising my brothers and sisters at the age of 20. David and I have 2 wonderful sons and they have worked for everything they have and we are proud of them. They both have great families. Our kids are NOT WAITING for us to kick the bucket and reap the profits of our life. We raised our kids plus our siblings and they all turned out great. So I guess I don't understand the difference between all these generations you talk about. We are close to young men and women in high school here in Tuolumne County and they all are good hard working young adults. I would like to meet some of these "SPOON FED" youngsters. I think -- in my opinion -- that the youth of today are pretty good kids.