Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missing Persons List

I have been able to contact about half of our graduating class, but half are still missing!! Please help us find these people.

Jennie Anderson, Jennifer Brewer, Andy Crawmer,

Staci Cristo, Chris Davis, Amanda Deaton, Denise Dorado, Trish Elam,
Dorea Gilliatt, Shelly Griggs, Brad Grimes, Larry Houdashell,

Kay Kehrer, Robert Keyes, Rachel Knight, Mark Knowles, Paul Krocher, Niccole Lamonico, Tina Lunt, Todd Miller, Erica Nelson, Lori Nelson,
Katherine Olson, Mike Perez, Chris Pitcher, Matt Ratley,

Jeremy Joiner, Daniel Robinson, Lea Scialabba, Rich Sigsworth, Ty Slate
Jessica Stewart, Heidi Stone, Robert Walters, Becky Wells,

Cory Wenz, Lisette Wester, Chris Wheat, and Chris Gordans

If you have contact info for anyone on this list, please post on the blog or let me know or give them my email address and they can contact me.

Thanks for your help. Hope to see you all at the reunion on August 18th!

Mike and Amber Brennan


Anonymous said...

I tried to contact Ryan Bourguet but I got a bounced message. Also, does Leah Barrett have an e-mail address? If so, I would like to contact her.


Amber said...

I do have an e-mail for Ryan and Leah, but I promised people not to post their info on the blog. If you call me or e-mail me I will see what I can do to help you get in contact with them. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you found Matt Ganino. He wasnt on your list.